Many nonprofits struggle with marketing themselves and their ministries. Some think it’s too much like sales or too focused on money. Others struggle with the balance between trusting God to bring the money and asking for financial support. I help my clients be true to themselves and their mission to create the resources they need to grow their organizations.

Marketing Planning

  • Review vision and mission statements to ensure clarity for marketing “why should a donor give to you? What are they giving to? What will you do with their money and what will you do if they give you more of it?”

  • Review website, FaceBook page and other donation portals for easy donor accessibility

  • Create email newsletter to report activity to donors and solicit funds (recommend Constant Contact), includes setting up mail list, eNews template and outline of first eNews

  • Create fundraising strategy and messaging for key donors

Fundraising Consulting

  • Consult on ongoing fundraising strategy and messaging for donor appeals

  • Produce monthly eNews (gathering material, writing draft)

  • Manage eNews mailing list

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