You started this work because you love your mission. But you find yourself spending too much time trying to understand debits and credits, not to mention the aggravation of a bank statement that just won’t reconcile! Spend more time doing the things you do best and let me take care of your finances!


I will provide you with a range of solutions to create financial infrastructure to ensure your success. You can choose which services meet your needs; I can set up your initial financial system, process your monthly expenses and donations, and help you develop and manage your annual budget.

Financial Structure Set-up

Monthly Financial Processing

For your organization to flourish, you need to have current (and accurate!) donation and expense information at your fingertips. I will deliver your reports in understandable and plain language so that you can know what resources are available for your mission. With clear financial reporting, I’ll work with you to build a solid strategy for success.

  • Set up the Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks

  • Enter your past donations and expenses into QuickBooks

  • Develop your donation processing system

  • Reconcile your bank and credit card accounts

Here’s a simple formula for the advancement of your goals: Good input = good output. As a seasoned CEO, I know how to structure your financial system to provide you with the expense and donation information you need to make sound decisions about your organization.

I will: 

I will: 

  • Enter all expenses and donations into QuickBooks

  • Reconcile bank statements

  • Process and mail monthly receipts

  • Run monthly Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet reports

  • Create board financial reports as needed


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